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Jul 18, 2022

Henry Bewicke - Content Writer

Henry Bewicke

Content Writer

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Consumer preferences, habits, and expectations have undergone a fundamental shift since the beginning of the pandemic. To stay relevant in the modern consumer landscape, brands have had to alter their business models, adapt strategies and update product offerings.

Customer experience has quickly emerged as one of the top priorities for consumers as they navigate the buying journey. Product is still essential, but customer experience is now a make-or-break factor in the eyes of most consumers, and it’s expected to become an even more central part of the purchase decision-making process. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a B2B or a B2C company, you can’t get results if you don’t satisfy your customers. B2C businesses have to pay particular attention to every aspect of their customer interactions if they want to maximize customer acquisition and retention.

According to CEI, 86% of consumers will pay more for a better customer experience. What’s more, 84% of businesses that prioritized improving their customer experience reported an increase in revenue, according to Dimension Data.

Great CX clearly pays dividends to the customer and the business, but it involves investment and planning on a number of different fronts.

Luckily there are some quick, effective strategies you can implement to improve your customer experience right now. 

We teamed up with our partners at MoEngage to build a detailed guide containing techniques you can use to develop your customer experience offering.

In this blog post, we’ll offer a quick overview of our all-in-one consumer shopping experience guide, and explain some of the techniques you’ll find inside.

Customer shopping experience in 2022

The post-pandemic consumer is unique in terms of their shopping preferences, habits and general behavior in relation to consumers of the past. Scarcity, lockdown restrictions, and many other factors had a profound impact on the way they shop.

The knock-on effects of these changes can be seen in the many different strategies and shifting business practices that brands have adopted on and offline.

eCommerce saw a huge rise in traffic at the start of the pandemic, while physical retail suffered. But now, after the initial disruption, both sectors are seeing strong growth, with retail forecast to grow 6.6% by 2022 and ecommerce even higher at 12.7%.

With consumers clearly still clearly enthusiastic about physical and digital retail, how should brands go about building a solid strategy for CX? The answer is to focus on the customer.

Given our expertise in different areas, Talon.One and MoEngage approach this issue from different angles. We’ve combined our strategies as one, six-part engagement framework, which targets:

  • Customer-driven engagement

  • Moment-driven engagement.

Customer-driven engagement

Customer driven engagement framework for customer experience

MoEngage have devised a customer-driven engagement framework to help brands improve the customer shopping experience. This framework focuses first and foremost on the customer’s feelings and sentiments, and what they do as a result of these factors when they shop.

Using cues around empathy and sentiment it’s possible to infer customers’ intentions and desires as they move through the customer journey.

This allows you to build relevant engagement opportunities into your website or ecommerce store. The more natural these engagement opportunities feel to the customer, the better their overall shopping experience and overall impression of your brand.

Take the example of emotional cues. Emotions play an important role in many purchase decisions, and they can be the difference between a satisfied customer and an unhappy one. You can use these cues to predict what your customer wants, and build interesting, convenient opportunities for them to achieve it.

There are also opportunities to offer upgrades around other cues, like initial customer intent (why customers have come to your store in the first place) and social factors which may influence a purchase (customer beliefs, social status aspirations, green product credentials, etc.).

You’ll find a detailed step-by-step breakdown of customer-driven engagement in the ebook.

Moment-driven engagement

Moment driven engagement framework for customer experience

At Talon.One we’ve envisioned a complementary approach towards improving customer experience that’s centered around moments.

Moments are key opportunities or events where customers’ intentions or needs change. You can capitalize on these moments by placing strategic incentives to push the customer towards your, and their, desired outcome.

Take what we term ‘conversion moments’, for example. These are instances that have the potential to end in a conversion, i.e. signing up to a newsletter, buying a product, searching for something.

Brands can offer incentives, rewards or initiate other conversion event triggers at these points to increase the likelihood of a conversion. Gamification techniques are a popular choice because they grab the customer’s attention with personalized incentives that act upon the customer’s intentions at that time.

In fact, gamification is so popular that, according to Demand-Gen, 93% of marketers who tried gamification tactics later described themselves as ‘loving’ gamification.

Other key moments that you can utilize to improve customer shopping experience include drop off moments (when the customer leaves your site or empties their basket) and loyalty moments (opportunities to build emotional, rational, or behavioral loyalty).

Every customer experiences these moments at different points of the buying journey, but it’s important to understand how the incentives you offer at each one should vary.

To learn about each of these different moments, how they can influence customers’ journeys, and the business benefits they can bring to your company, download your copy of our “All in one guide to boost the consumer shopping experience”.

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