How WeShare (Volkswagen) Uses Talon.One to Encourage Users to Swim Outside the City

Sep 2, 2020
Christoph Gerber
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If you’ve been following Talon.One, you might already know that our Promotion Engine offers practically endless promotion options.

With a simple, one-time integration, you’re all set to run any promotion you want. We try to solve our customers' promotion problems once and for all. 

Today we’ll take a look at VW's Carsharing Unit WeShare and how they’re using their existing Talon.One integration. They’ve built a pretty neat campaign, all without having to develop any additional code themselves.

Take me to the lakes!

If you’re familiar with Berlin, you’ll know there’s a ton of lakes around the city. In the summer they become a major destination for Berliners wanting to escape the heat.

WeShare built a campaign that allows customers to drive to any of the lakes and get 3 hours of free parking. 

Take me to the lakes promotion

The logic they deployed was very straightforward and it required no additional effort by their marketers, engineering team or, of course, the customers themselves. It worked straight out of the box.

geofencing feature with Talon.One

Here’s the simple logic WeShare used:

If the user parks their car near one of the lakes

And the user selects the parking option

Then give the user 180 minutes free parking

How does this promotion actually look inside Talon.One? Check out the screenshot below.

Conditions and Effects in Talon.One's Rule Builder

As you can see it’s very straightforward. Just select some attributes and it’s ready to go. Talon.One’s geofencing capabilities make location-based promotions like this very easy to set up.

If you’d like to know how we can help your business, just reach out. Or learn more from the materials in our Content Library.


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