Sep 11, 2019

Why Your Email Marketing Needs Promotions

Jan Varwig
Senior Software Engineer
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Is your email marketing optimized with promotions? Did you know you can easily integrate Talon.One with your email service provider?

By implementing an email webhook in Talon.One, you can trigger an email in real-time as an effect of your promotional campaign.

Why should you care? Because email is a great channel for reaching customers, driving engagement and increasing transactions. But we all know that actually standing out in a customers' inbox is every marketer's challenge.

Not to worry, emails with coupons are proven to make an impact. According to Business2community, emails with coupons have:

Email is a key channel for reaching your customers and should be a part of your promotional marketing strategy. To help you out, below you will find 5 promotional email campaign ideas you can use once you implement your webhooks.

But first, let’s take a look at how you can use our webhook feature to streamline and optimize your email communications.

What is a webhook?

Webhooks are a mechanism that let web services talk to each other by making HTTP requests to update data, notify services, or trigger actions. They exist as effects in Talon.One to let us communicate with an outside service when certain rule criteria is validated like when a customer registers for an account for example.

Webhooks can be easily configured in the Developers section of your account. Once you have created the webhook, you can easily set up campaigns with webhook effects in the rules.

How to Implement a Webhook

In the Talon.One Developer Tools, developers can create webhooks to other web applications and test the implementation.

Simply follow our Webhook Guide and complete the following steps:

Promotional Email Ideas

Now that you know what is possible with your promotions and webhooks, you can craft the perfect email campaign to support your marketing strategy. Here are some promotional ideas to inspire you:

Cart Abandoned Email

If a customer puts items in their cart but does not purchase, send a follow-up email with a 5% coupon to use on the cheapest item in their cart.

Welcome Email

If a customer signs up for your service, send them a welcome email with a 10€ coupon to use for their first purchase.

Product Review

If a customer purchases a product in the category new, send them an email asking for a product review for the chance to win a 100€ coupon to spend in-store.

Booking Confirmation

If a customer books a plane ticket for a specific destination, trigger an email with a coupon for a 20% discount to spend in a hotel or restaurant in the same location.

Re-engagement Email

If a customer has not logged in within the last three months, send a “We Miss You” email with a 5€ coupon to be spent on any product.

What Next?

If you want to effectively trigger promotional emails to customers, be sure to have the right promotion solution in place. With a promotion engine like Talon.One, you can easily connect with your email service provider to trigger promotional emails.

To learn more about webhooks or other integrations with Talon.One, check what is possible with our SalesForce integration or read integration guides or tutorials in our documentation integration guides or tutorials.

Want inspiration for even more promotional campaign ideas? Check out our Help Center where we have tons of ideas and use cases.

Have any questions? Get in touch or give us a couple of details and book a demo to see for yourself how our Promotion Engine works.

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