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Ultra-flexible bundles

Use bundling more effectively and sell more products or services.

Promotion Management in Campaign Manager

Same in series bundles

Combine items from the same line or series and make special bundles for your customers.

Bundle by colour

Create colourful campaigns that give discounts for combining coloured items for special holidays, Pride parades, Black Friday and any other colour oriented ideas you have.

Add free item bundling

Gift a free item as incentive for bundling any combination of products or services together and get rid of some of your excess stock.

Bundle holiday lines

Bundle any special or novelty items related to holidays and make sure you sell them all in time and don't have to store them until next year.

Bundle related items

Create connections between items by assigning them attributes so you can offer your users more logical bundling possibilities at checkout.

Service bundling

Include various services together as a bundle or even offer any other reward for combining your services in one package.

Target and reward uniquely

A variety of ways to personalize and incentivize bundles.

Targeted bundling

Create bundles that only become active when specific users from a market segment choose certain items on your platform.

Unique user bundles

Provide bundling options that are completely unique to a single user by including a user ID as a condition in your Rules.

Geo-location bundles

Build bundles that are dependant on the location of the device used to make the purchase. Take a look at Geo-fencing to learn more about this feature.

Progressive bundling rewards

Make bundles that have progressively higher discounts the more items you add to them. Alternatively, use different types of rewards for each extra item added.

Mix and match bundling

Let your users create their own bundles from any combination of items they select from a list you provide and find out which items are most in demand.

Selective bundling

Apply discounts, point collection and free gifts to just one or many of the items included in a bundle. Plus you can give individual or accumulated discounts on any items you like.

Better bundling practices

Bundle products and services more effectively.

Promotion Management in Campaign Manager

Simpler Backend

With Talon.One's API definitions of your products and bundles have much less complexity and can be processed quicker.

Cross sell stock

Easily bundle related items, but also from other departments, partners or anywhere else you want.

Cart level evaluations

Evaluating bundles at a cart level means that the data volume needed to deal with the calculations is simpler and faster and your developers won't have to work as hard.

Maintenance free bundling

Remove the need to create lists of products included in your bundles and constantly sync your system to make sure the bundles are activated.


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