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Manage your coupons

A universal coupon solution for businesses and their customers. Simple to create, target, use and redeem.

Promotion Management in Campaign Manager

Coupon overview

Easily check the details of your coupons to see codes, usage, date created, validity, ID numbers or any extra attributes assigned.

Fixed or random code

Raise brand awareness with simple coupon codes like 'READYSTEADYGO' or create randomly generated codes to prevent coupon fraud.

Coupon manager

Easily select coupons from lists using check boxes. Select all, individual or groups of coupons from your lists to edit, delete or copy.

Batches creation

Create batches of coupons that reflect the behaviour of specific segments of your users with unique batch IDs.

Coupon Finder

Find specific problematic coupons immediately and solve any customer issues quicker with this ingenious feature.

Coupon Insights

Make sure your coupon campaigns are achieving the results you expected with coupon insights that show you specific KPIs.

Target your customers

There are many ways to target market segments. Here are just a few.

Custom attributes

Make your clients feel suitably rewarded by personalizing their coupons based on any of their profile or real-time session data.

Valid from/until

Automate all your campaigns and prevent overspending by setting times and dates that your coupons are valid.

Customer ID

Assign coupons exclusively to single users or add extra conditions so a coupon email is triggered by a certain behaviour from a customer.

Custom codes

Use any name you like with prefixes, suffixes or even both to create unique codes with identifiable batch names. Eg. SUMMER-56729-FUN

Redemption limits

Set any redemption limit you like for one or many customers, from single-use all the way to unlimited and everything in between.

Create flexibly

Feature flexibility that allows you to really create anything.

Promotion Management in Campaign Manager

Any value allowed

Choose the value that suits your clients' best interests. Value coupons, absolute discounts or percentage discounts are all possible. 

Unlimited usage

Use and retarget coupons as many times as you like. Your only limit is on the amount of active coupons you have.

Disallow characters

Prevent randomly generated coupon codes from containing commonly confused letters or numbers by disallowing these characters so your customers don't have any trouble.

3rd party distribution

Distribute your coupons any way you like using 3rd party integrations with CRMs or other messaging services you use already. See all our integrations.

Coupon Wallets

Offer your customers a coupon wallet to store their coupons in, where they will return to check up on every now and again.


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