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Dynamic discounts

A range of new possibilities.

Promotion Management in Campaign Manager

Cart level discounts

Give a discount to the overall shopping cart at the end of a sale, with or without shipping included. Applying discounts at a cart level reduces the complexity of your discount program hugely.

Per item discount

Apply discounts to single items in a basket or even a variety of items inside the basket with completely different discount values.

Add free item

Offer a free item as a discount to reduce excess stock or to promote a brand or holiday-specific item for yourself or your partners.

Code-free discounts

Remove the pain-point for your customers of typing codes into fields for discounts. Configure your discounts so they are fully automated and instantly applied to carts.

Selective discounts

Use custom attributes to apply discounts to certain items only when a specific user or group of users is shopping.

Fixed value or %

Have fixed value discounts in any currency (real or virtual) or set your discounts as a percentage reduction on your product or service.

Direct your discounts

There are many ways to target your customers. Here are just a few.

Dynamic notifications

Use pop-up and banners and display notifications to your clients as they shop, giving them incentive to add more to their cart or return to buy more.

Customize discounts

Use any data or custom attributes to create discounts that are completely unique to a user or target group.

Flexible rewards

Give discounts in percentage, any currency (real or virtual), or by sending a coupon with the decided discount attached to it.


Offer discounts based on your customer's location which you can define in the Campaign Manager with the Geofencing feature.


Use discounts that use time as a factor to drive sales during off-peak times, holidays or even design discounts with a timer that reduce in value as time goes by.


Trigger discounts when clients leave a checkout without buying, spend long periods browsing or view an item multiple times to raise their interest.

Flexible discount options

Feature flexibility that allows you to really create anything.

Promotion Management in Campaign Manager

Staggered discounts

Automate discounts that increase in amount step by step the more your customers spend on your platform.

Discount automation

Set up your discounts to run autonomously and trigger any number of effects and communications via 3rd party CRMs (see integrations) to create seamless notifications and customer-relevant discounts.

Incentive discounts

Award discount for any action. As a referral or loyalty reward or as a response to a customer complaint in the form of a discount coupon.

Seasonal discounts

Automate special seasonal discounts that you want to repeat each year or quickly copy and edit to add new features or styles.

Accumulative discounts

Build discounts using Rules that accumulate with particular combinations of items to give the user a larger discount that helps offload excess stock.

Multiple choice discounts

Offer higher or lower discounts for different payment methods to encourage users to spend cash or points more.


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