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The most powerful Promotion Engine

Add any incentive to convince customers to make referrals

Data-driven promotions

The Campaign Manager empowers you to sync all your data in real-time to personalize your promotions and boost your performance.

Automate the referral process from start to finish

One single UI

In the Campaign Manager marketers can create sophisticated promotions without blocking developers by employing simple if-then rule setting.

Use a variety of success criteria to create touch points

Cloud native and extendable

Talon.One is endlessly scalable. Connect your customer data, integrate with any 3rd parties and optimize your campaigns on the fly.

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All promotion features in one single tool

Trusted by world renowned brands across the globe

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“Talon.One’s biggest value add for us is that as promotion expectations increase, we know that we don’t have to do anything for that to exist for our users.”
Johnny Quach

CPO of Hostelworld Group

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“Honestly, I think Talon.One is the future of pricing and promotions. Their engine is essential for ecommerce.”
Nick Hahn

PPC Manager at HelloPrint

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“After we got a glimpse of what Talon.One can do, we realized we couldn’t work with our old system anymore”
Karuan Aswad

Growth Manager at WeShare

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“I love that our marketers can log in and manage all of our campaigns in one platform, without distracting the development team.”
Marius Blaesing

CTO of Getsafe


Omnichannel solutions for POS, internal data, and any 3rd party

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