The leading Promotion Engine. Designed for online marketplaces.

A flexible solution that enables integrations with your mobile app, web app, webshop and POS system.

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Online marketplace coupons and discounts

Solve your marketplace challenges with the Promotion API

Create targeted promotions with client data

Create targeted promotions

Combine custom attributes and customer data to build precise and targeted promotional campaigns using our unique Rule Builder.

Track success and analyse all of the data you collect

Track success and analyse

Measure your promotional campaign success with detailed dashboards or feed data from the Talon.One API into your BI system.

Partner login and user roles for instant sales promotion

Partner login

Provide your clients with access to their company application within Talon.One so that they can create powerful promotions on their own.

We help marketplaces ramp up offerings with a flexible Promotion Engine

Online marketplaces continue to be an extremely competitive environment. Marketing budgets are increasing with historically low margin products.

The Talon.One Promotion Engine helps e-marketplaces enable customer-specific pricing and run fully customized promotion logic.

Marketplaces connected to the Promotion Engine
The Promotion API for your marketplace needs

Customize the Promotion API to your marketplace needs

We help marketplaces to run fully customized promotional campaigns with all variations of coupon, discount, loyalty, referral or product bundling capabilities.

Integrate your marketplace and company-specific attributes only once and then target detailed customer segments in the Talon.One Promotion Engine.

Retail location as customer data
Retail location
Payment information used to trigger coupons
Payment information
Product information with sales promotions
Product information
Delivery details
Delivery details
Customer details
Customer details
Device info
Device info

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