The most powerful
API-based Promotion Engine on the market

A fully equipped promotion platform with unlimited possibilities that offers you the flexibility you need.

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API-based sales promotion infrastructure and management tools

Built with your future in mind

One promotional platform for every sales incentive

One platform, any promotion

All of your customer, session and real-time data in promotions from one holistic platform.

More profitable sales promotions for any business model

Made for your business

No matter the industry or business model, Talon.One can help you build more profitable promotions.

Easy to use UI for employees to create sales incentive programs

Easier for everyone

An intuitive platform for marketers, a flexible backend for developers and flexible solutions for all.

Talon.One's APIs

Extremely flexible and feature-rich APIs that allow you to integrate and manage your data easily and efficiently.

Receive and validate your customer or session data and any other business-relevant activity, then return effects (targeted rewards) that you define in the Rule Builder.

Configure campaigns using promotion features
Feature rich APIs
Choose from many open source SDKs
Open source SDKs
Test your API interaction in sandbox mode
Smart API testing
Review API logs to see overall health and areas to optimize
API health & logs
Webhook access for messaging services
Talon.One's powerful and feature-rich APIs help manage data
Integrate any API-based external software to send and receive business data

The Promotion Engine

Also known as the Rule Engine, it allows you to take control of every aspect of your campaigns using custom 'building blocks' that you create from your business data in the integration process.

By combining these 'building blocks' with logic calculations and a simplified coding language you can create and deploy incredibly complex and targeted promotions in very little time.

  • No feature limitations
  • Simple campaign automation
  • Unique-to-business 'building blocks'
  • Incredibly granular & flexible

The Campaign Manager

Choose solutions and set your budget
Select any promotion types, then set the time and spending limits you need for your campaign.
Set up your Sales Promotion Campaign features and budgets
If this... then that.
Create your 'conditions' and 'effects' in the Rule Builder using any of your custom data.
Build rules with conditions and effects for targeted incentives
You're ready to go
Test your rules in the 'sandbox' mode, then activate your fully automated campaign.
Test and then activate sales promotions in the Campaign Manager
Integrate any API-based external software to send and receive business data

Integrate any APIs

Sync all your 1st and 3rd party sources to send and receive any information you need to track or use in your campaigns.

Mailing services, CRM systems, Analytics and any others you want to use to track performance or improve your customer relations.

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Real-time performance data

Use real-time insights in the Campaign Manager or integrate with your current analytics platform and identify actionable insights to optimize conversion rates and increase growth.

Coupons and referral codes created
Overall redeemed promotion codes
Free items offered to customers
Free items
Overall cost of all the discounts given to clients
Discount cost
The complete basket value of sales promotions
Basket value
Analysis tools that compare the value and the cost
Value vs. Cost
Use insights in the Campaign Manager to optimize sales promotions

Want to build more powerful incentive programs?

Open up a world of possibilities in your campaigns with Talon.One.

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See what Talon.One can do for you


Design better, more targeted coupons

Create fully customized, fraud-free coupons for your clients quick, with low development costs.

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Drive your sales with discounts

Set well-timed discounts and pop-ups to give your users more incentive while they shop.

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Help your users advertise for you

Reward your current customers and their friends for bringing you all closer together.

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Give your customers a good reason to stay 

Target every promotion in a way that really promotes long-lasting brand loyalty.

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Flexible bundling possibilities    

Combine your products or services and create promotions that get users adding more to their cart.  

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The newest in promotion tech

Use geo-location data to offer discounts to clients in your target area or even on-the-move.

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