Transparency & Management

Control every aspect of your promotions at all times. Manage your budgets, campaign activity and users.

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API-based sales promotion infrastructure and management tools
Centralized promotion Management

One platform for all your promotion activity

Dashboards & Overview

Stay on top of your promotion activities at all times. Create and manage thousands of campaigns and millions of coupon codes easily from the Campaign Manager.

Campaign Manager Overview
Audit Logs in Campaign Manager

Audit logs

Track all employee activity or changes made to your account. Gain access to complete transparency and accountability for every campaign creation, edit or deployment.  

User permissions & roles

Create custom user roles and access levels. Set roles with view-only permission for customer support or limit access to prevent expensive mistakes from being made.

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User permissions
Budgeting options


Set budgets to control promotion activity and spending. Limit the number of possible redemptions, as well as the total amount you want to spend for every campaign.

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Promotion insights

Monitor and track promotion performance on the Insights page of our Campaign Manager. View campaign-specific metrics in real-time that help guide optimization.

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Scale your promotion performance
PedidosYa quote from Adam Mallat about Talon.One
“With Talon.One we can create really flexible campaigns that help us deliver a unique experience for our customers.“
Adam Mallat

PedidosYa Product Owner

“I’m really happy with the service. Whenever we need something they listen to us and implement new features.“
Jan Pulkrábek

Head of Product at Dáme jídlo

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“Talon.One is a great tool and the referral program is a key piece of our growth strategy.“
Marius Blaesing

CTO of Getsafe