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Powerful referral features

Using just some of these features in your referrals makes a big difference in your campaigns.

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Successful referral rewards

Reward both the new customers and the advocates once a referral is successful. You decide the factors that mean success to you.

Staggered referral discount

Give your customers a percentage discount for their first referral and then an increasingly higher percentage for their next referrals.

Referrals based on any success criteria

Only reward referrals after specific success criteria are met, such as first purchases, amount of referrals made, time, location, order values or any other business-relevant criteria.

Time-sensitive referrals

Create referrals that use time as a factor. Either to limit the amount of time between the referral and the first purchase or to devalue rewards over time.

Influencer referrals

Set up referral programs with customer wallets so the influencer receives a set or progressive amount of cash or points for every successful sign-up.

Partner referrals

Get your partner companies to help you by offering special discounts on your services or products in return for making successful referrals.

Personalize your referral program

The more personal it feels, the more likely it makes you feel at home.

Multi-criteria referrals

Choose the criteria your new customers have to complete before the advocate receives a reward. This could include on-boarding and a first purchase or as many additional steps as you want.

Unique reward referrals

Reward referrals in any way you see fit. You can use any currency, point system, benefits, free gifts or discounts, based on what appeals most to your customers.

Tiered advocate referrals

Set referral goals for your customers with prizes that increase in value to give them the incentive to refer as many of their friends as possible.

Reward staging incentive

Build Rules that only trigger rewards after specific stages in the on-boarding of a referred friend are completed. Set as many stages with as many rewards as you need to get the job done.

Personalized referrals

Take custom attributes from profiles and offer better referral rewards for your more prolific customers. Or even offer more points for referring specific demographic groups.


Reward more or less, based on the geolocation of either the advocate or their friends. At special events you can offer big prizes for completed referrals in that particular location.

Flexible incentives

So many different ways to increase your following.

Promotion Management in Campaign Manager

Credit value incentive

Create incentive by rewarding credit that reduces in value over time, or increases in value based on any profitable actions of the person referred.

Credit expiry incentive

Use credit that expires after a set amount of time and trigger notifications that create a sense of urgency that encourages users to get their friends through the whole on-boarding process.

Continuous revenue sharing

Create referral programs that continuously reward your advocates with a percentage of the money their friends spend with you.

Limited revenue sharing

Build a referral program that shares a percentage of the money spent by their friend, up to a specific amount, to prevent any overspending.

Distribute rewards over time

Give your customers their combined rewards weekly, monthly or even yearly basis to open a new touchpoint to explain new features and summarize the benefits of being a top-level advocate.

Value progression incentive

Increase the value of your rewards based on a number of factors. Referrals made, On-boarding stages completed, Purchases made by friends or membership levels achieved to suggest a few.


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