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On-Demand Webinar

How a Cutting-Edge Promotions Engine Can Power Results: Lessons from Eddie Bauer

Join this on-demand webinar and find out how cutting-edge technology help brands drive better outcomes.

Duration: 45 minutes

Brands today have no shortage of options for rewarding their customers — from coupons and discounts to loyalty memberships, referral programs, and bundling offers (among others). But executing ever-more sophisticated promotions strategies requires companies to rely on ever-more sophisticated technology that span every single customer touchpoint — which can stretch development teams thin.

As brands design promotions strategies that help them meet their goals, they benefit from using technology that’s purpose-built for taking a holistic approach to promotions and loyalty.

Join this on-demand webinar and find out how cutting-edge technology can serve as the foundation for that holistic approach, helping brands drive better outcomes. It will share insights from our customer Eddie Bauer who have achieved a tremendous margin increase using dynamic discounts.

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In the webinar, listen to Angela and Chris cover:

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Why a holistic approach to promotions is essential for businesses

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How deploying a promotions engine helped Eddie Bauer increase margin through their promotional campaigns

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The benefits of using a composable commerce solution for promotions rather than developing a rules engine in-house

Angela Gow Eddie Bauer

Angela Gow

Director, Site Merchandising & Email, Eddie Bauer

Angela Gow is the director of site merchandising and email at Eddie Bauer, where she oversees the customer journey from email open to checkout on site, including leading current personalization initiatives across channels. She has spent the last 15 years in the e-commerce space focusing on site merchandising, email, and digital marketing. Previously, she led site merchandising at REI and held roles at Baden Sports and Amazon.

Chris Mills Talon.One SVP and GM North America

Chris Mills

SVP & General Manager North America, Talon.One

Chris Mills leads global go to market efforts for Talon.One — with 12 years of experience building SaaS businesses. Chris brings a passion for the voice of the customer & aligning teams against the needs of the market. With a global team, Chris works to understand the nuances and directions of promotions to empower clients and prospects around the globe. Chris spends his free time with his two young daughters, and is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

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