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You’re invited to Taste for Tech — an evening of talks showcasing some of tech’s top talent and their unique projects.

LOCATION: Spielfeld Hub, Skalitzer Strasse, Berlin

START: 6pm

This event is designed for the engineers, data analysts, product designers and developers in your teams.

Each edition, we spotlight 2-3 speakers and their projects for a 20 minute talk each. And each edition, attendees will be treated to a new cuisine with a featured beer.


Frontend Developer, Talon.One

Mathieu Anderson

DX is UX: Improving developer experience

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Developers often resign themselves to the pains and annoyances of their daily codebase. A better world is possible. By applying the same principles of user experience to developer experience, a developer’s working life can be made a lot more pleasant and productive. Find out the easy steps you can take to make your life as a developer run a lot more smoothly.

Mathieu Anderson Frontend Developer Talon.One
alex gordon stability engineer

Stability Engineer, Talon.One

Alex Gordon

Performance and stability: why, when and how?

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When is the right time to optimize? How can you balance demand with complexity? And what tools and approaches should you use to drive the optimization process? Hear insights and examples from 5 years of continuously improving the stability and performance of Talon.One.

Director of Open Source Engineering, Aiven

Josep Prat

The world of 3rd party open source projects

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We are all responsible for actively contributing to improving the health of Open Source ecosystems. To support open source, Aiven gives the most important resource of all: time. Learn why the Open Source Program Office team at Aiven was formed, what challenges they tackled while establishing their department and how they measure their success.

Josep Prat, Director of Open Source Engineering at Aiven
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6pm: Arrival, drinks, networking

6.30pm: Talk 1 (20 mins)

6.50pm: Talk 2 (20 mins)

7.10m: Bahn Mi streetfood is served

7.45pm: Talk 3 (20 mins)

9pm: End

Spielfeld Hub

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Want to speak at a future Taste for Tech? Approach us at the event and tell us a little bit about your project or a unique problem you solved! Or just anything you think the audience might find useful!