Jun 16, 2020

Thinking Outside the Box With Talon.One

Daniel Burton
UX Writer
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How do you set yourself apart from your competitors? It's an age-old question that many businesses ask themselves constantly. In terms of selling online, one of the easiest ways to stand out from the crowd is promotions.

Talon.One's customers use the Promotion Engine because it’s the most powerful promotions software on the market. It allows them to create and manage promotional campaigns of all types, and offers unrivaled customizability.

You can use it to create coupons, referrals, and loyalty campaigns, and then tailor them to your own business. If you need to quickly launch a seasonal promotional campaign, it’s easy to get one up and running in no time at all.

But the system’s capabilities don’t stop there. Because the Promotion Engine is so good at what it does, you can also use it in many non-promotional applications too.

The Promotion Engine's adaptability stems from the “if this, then that” logic which forms the basis of all rules in the Rule Builder. This logic system can be applied to many real-world situations. You just need to connect your inputs and outputs with Talon.One’s Integration API.

Offering the solutions you need

Promotions are just one part of wider marketing and sales operations. To offer our clients a fully-rounded solution, the Promotion Engine works with third-party platforms too. Integration with these other platforms is simple and it offers even greater functionality.

The Promotion Engine can also be used outside of its standard promotion functionality. Many of these non-promotional applications could prove useful for businesses in a variety of different industries.

Some new ideas

To shed some more light on the Promotion Engine’s full capabilities, we’ve outlined a selection of special use cases in our latest Talon.One downloadable guide.

‘11 New Ways You Can Use Talon.One’ explores unconventional use cases that you could implement using the Promotion Engine. Some examples may not be relevant to your specific business, but the concepts often translate between industries.

As always, creativity is the key to getting the most out of your promotions. The key to getting the most of the Promotion Engine in unconventional applications is to think outside the box.

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