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We power real-time, personalized, and future-proofed promotions & loyalty programs that drive revenue growth and improved margins for the world's largest brands.

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Build any incentive, using any data

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Loyalty management

Go beyond earn-and-burn to create next-level loyalty programs that build brand loyalty and increase customer lifetime value.

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Rewards management

Boost conversions with fully-automated and scalable coupons, referrals, discounts, product bundling and more.

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Pricing management

Automate markdown pricing and product labelling, plus combine pricing and promotion workflows in one interface.

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Drive growth at every stage of your customer’s journey


Acquire high-value customers with tailored discounts.

Boost user acquisition with discounts, coupons and referrals. Plus, sync your product catalog with Talon.One to build strikethrough campaigns that highlight value to your customers at the SKU-level.

Talon.One Customer Journey Acquisition


Boost conversions with profitable promotions.

Stop overspending on your incentives strategy: with Talon.One, you can target segments based on location, profile attributes and browsing behaviour. Then, reward in any way you like.

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Build inspiring loyalty programs that go beyond cards and points.

Increase retention and drive repeat business with our loyalty functionality. Create custom goals to boost engagement, and customize your program based on any session or profile data.

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Reactivate lapsed users with win-back campaigns they can't refuse.

Extend customer lifecycle value by re-engaging users with personalized promotions. Share exclusive offers based on previous shopping behavior, redeemable across channels.

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Seamless Integrations

Connect all your customer and SKU data

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"The initial 45 minutes where we ran through the top-level capabilities completely blew us away."

Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly

Head of Digital of National Express

Brands like Adidas & Ticketmaster trust Talon.One to power their promotions

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