Jan 18, 2023

White Paper: To Build Or Buy Your Promotion Infrastructure

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Build Or Buy Your Promotion Infrastructure Talon.One

Is your business scaling quicker than your sales promotion and customer retention solutions?

Are you struggling to produce mass batches of segment-specific coupons, customize referrals or even start thinking about developing an entire infrastructure for loyalty programs and customer wallets?

Then here's the most important question you're currently facing:

Should we build a custom in-house solution or outsource to a dedicated promotion platform?

This decision is not an easy one to make, so we want to help you out by providing a framework for assessing whether it makes more sense to build or buy your promotion infrastructure.

In our experience, organizations that rush to answer the build or buy question, end up making poor decisions that incur extra costs, limit growth and don't even solve the original business problems you faced.

Download the White Paper & Free Tools

In this Talon.One White Paper, you'll see the core differences between building and buying promotion software, as well as have access to 2 free tools that will help point you in the right direction and allow you to determine the best course of action for your business.

In this White Paper you'll find:

  • To Build - What to Consider

  • To Buy - What to Consider

  • A Build or Buy Evaluation Framework

  • Software Build Costs Calculator

If you have any questions at all about what we're doing at Talon.One, please get in touch or simply book a demo to see for yourself what is possible.

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