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Improve customer retention and trust with loyalty programs

Reward your customers with personalized incentives and experiences that best reflect their interactions with your brand.

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PedidosYa quote from Adam Mallat about Talon.One
“With Talon.One’s enterprise-ready loyalty features, the entire loyalty integration process took only 1 month to develop, test, and release.”
Carmen Oprea

VP of Product at HappyFresh

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Extend your customer lifetime value (CLV)

Run loyalty programs that truly benefit your business goals. Use any currency, cashback, points, stamps or gifts that match your business model, then decide how you want your clients to earn them.

Endless opportunities for your loyalty programs

Customize every aspect of your loyalty programs at a highly granular level. Design point systems with values that reflect where, when and how often you customers spend.
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PedidosYa quote from Adam Mallat about Talon.One
“We’ve seen a lot more engagement and growth with our new loyalty program.”
Lina Afriana

Product Manager at HappyFresh

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Long-lasting brand loyalty

Build membership, point-based or KPI-driven programs with tiers and milestone rewards. Offer customers any sort of gift, benefit or reward you want for more meaningful interactions with your audience.

Flexible wallet features

Assign any amount of wallets to each customer. Then control how they save and spend with ‘Earn & Burn’ and subledger features, and facilitate simple currency or point exchanges.
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Omnichannel solutions for POS, internal data, and any 3rd party

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The most powerful Promotion Engine

Add any incentive to convince customers to make referrals

Data-driven promotions

Sync all your data in real-time to personalize your promotions and boost your perforance.

Automate the referral process from start to finish

One single UI

In the Campaign Manager marketers can create sophisticated promotions without blocking developers.

Use a variety of success criteria to create touch points

Cloud native and extendable

Talon.One is endlessly scalable. Connect your customer data, integrate with any 3rd parties and optimize on the fly.