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Talon.One Promotion Engine - Rewards Pricing Loyalty


Drive growth through promotions


Units per order

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Eddie Bauer increased units per order by 135% after running a ‘buy more, save more’ campaign.

Increase revenue




Carlsberg saw a 90% decrease in promotion-related support tickets while using Talon.One.

Increase efficiency


repeat purchase rate


Justo increased repeat purchase rate by 7.2% since working with Talon.One.

Increase revenue

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"The initial 45 minutes where we ran through the top-level capabilities completely blew us away."


Mark Kelly

Head of Digital of National Express

How the Promotion Engine works

Talon.One Promotion Engine

Promotions with Talon.One

Automate personalized and data-driven rewards of any type: from coupons to gift cards, Talon.One offers limitless opportunities to incentivise your customers.

Loyalty with Talon.One

Build flexible and fully-automated loyalty programs in a few clicks. Our omnichannel capabilities means customers can redeem rewards wherever, whenever.

Pricing management with Talon.One

Automate strikethrough pricing and product labelling, and communicate best prior prices in compliance with the EU Price Indication Directive. 

Seamless Integrations

Connect all your customer and SKU data

Integration and Talon.One

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