Give your coupons personality, at every possible scale

Unlimited coupon customization. Build whatever you need, whenever you need it.

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Make coupons more personal

targeted promotions

Personalized & targeted

Create coupon campaigns that are limited to certain users or user groups with special attributes.

Coupon creation Talon.One

Powerful coupon creation

Generate millions of unique coupons in a few clicks, set naming rules, coupon lengths and much more.

Track data Talon.One

Easy to track coupons

Prevent fraud and coupon leakage with single-use coupons and a whole host of tracking possibilities.

Every Promotion is Possible

Powering coupons for people

Advanced coupons Talon.One

Automated budgets & limits for your custom-made coupons

Stop overspending on coupon campaigns! Set individual expiry dates and link client IDs to single coupons.

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Target specific market segments with your user data

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Use in-depth customization features like unique prefixes and disallow confusing letters and numbers

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Provide instant customer support with your built-in coupon finder

Create millions of coupons and get them validated in milliseconds

No matter where your customers are located. No matter how many coupon codes. We validate them in milliseconds.

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Enterprise-ready infrastructure with servers distributed globally for low latencies

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Don't worry - We run automated coupon fraud prevention, protecting our customers from overspendings

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Connect your coupon campaigns with your loyalty campaign to create real customer loyalty

Target your customer coupons Talon.One
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"Talon.One’s biggest value add for us is that as promotion expectations increase, we know that we don’t have to do anything for that to exist for our users."

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Johnny Quach

CPO of Hostelworld

Connect all of your customer data

Platform service integrations

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