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Over 10,000 loyalty features that allow you to build any customer loyalty program for your business and customers.

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Loyalty programs that scale well and improve customer lifetime value

Extend your customer lifetime value

Tailored loyalty rewards for customers

Give the right rewards

Offer your customers rewards and experiences that best reflect their interactions with your brand.   

Data driven loyalty programs

Data driven loyalty

Use unique customer attributes to personalize incentives in any way you or your users want.

Multi-tiered and KPI-driven loyalty incentive

Multi-tiered & goal-oriented

Get your users hooked and challenge them to earn their way to the top levels of your plan.

Every customer loyalty program is possible

Run loyalty programs that really benefit your business goals. Use any currency, cashback, points, stamps or gifts that match your business model, then decide how you want your clients to earn them. 

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Create any sort of loyalty programs in the Campaign Manager
Granular control and targeting tools in loyalty plans

Endless opportunities for your loyalty programs

Decide every aspect of your loyalty programs at an incredibly granular level. Use our hands-on customer loyalty program software to create your campaign.

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Long-lasting brand loyalty with our customer retention software

Build membership, point-based or KPI-driven programs with tiers and milestone rewards. Offer any sort of gift, benefit or reward you want for meaningful client interactions.

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Tiered, KPI-driven and point programs to create longer-lasting brand loyalty
Loyalty wallets and point conversion including earn and burn features

Flexible wallet features and gamification

Assign any amount of wallets to each customer, then control how they save and spend with our ‘Earn & Burn’ feature directly in our customer loyalty software. Or use the wallet feature in gamification to store badges, points, XP or any counter you like.

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