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Take control of your loyalty journey with Talon.One

Increase retention, target your best customers, and drive repeat business with our customizable and user-friendly loyalty platform.


Save thousands of dev hours building in-house loyalty capabilities


Track every customer interaction from one centralized system


Benefit from our integrations and connect all of your data

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How the loyalty product works

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Set up scalable loyalty campaigns with a few clicks

Build as many tiers as you need, and easily scale and launch new rewards and incentives that encourage and inspire loyalty.

Create custom goals and rewards to boost engagement

Customize your program based on any session or profile data, time, location, currency or points system.

Provide a consistent experience in-store, online or in-app

Connect and track rewards issued via POS, online, in-app or your customer service tools for seamless redemption.

Reach your targets with next-level loyalty programs

Create meaningful customer connections and boost brand loyalty through financial and non-financial incentives alike.


Reduce churn by integrating incentives at any touchpoint


Increase customer lifetime value with tailored rewards


Build on first-party data by pulling loyalty data into your BI

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Our full list of loyalty features

Promotion Types

KPI driven loyalty

Get the best results from your loyalty programs by triggering rewards for any KPIs and turn your users into higher value customers.

Point driven loyalty

Award points in any way you like for all the behaviour that promotes the best growth in your business.

Loyalty wallets

Use wallets to safely store any type of points, currency (real or virtual), stamps for each of your customers.

Wallet sub ledgers

Create sub-divisions in your wallets to store points or currency of different values. Save points that can only be redeemed on the platform where your customers won them.

Membership programs

Build complex membership programs that offer overall benefits or access to premium content and creates a series of goals for your customers to complete.

Granular Control

Customizable loyalty

Learn about all loyalty features and how to customize your loyalty programs based on any profile or session data, business relevant attributes, time, location and much more.

Every currency

Any worldwide currency, virtual currency, stamp or point system can be used with Talon.One.

Cross business promotions

Offer benefits and discounts with your partners and any other businesses when they reach their goals in your loyalty program.

Divisible loyalty

Use the Rule Builder to divide loyalty challenges into manageable steps that allow more complicated tasks to be achieved by your users without frustration.

Simultaneous programs

Run a variety of different loyalty programs at the same time with whichever point systems or currencies you want.

Program Features

Tiered loyalty programs

Build as many tiers as you need and have customers working their way up the ladder to receive the best benefits and rewards.

Unique to client loyalty

Edit your loyalty plan for a single client with special privileges or even create unique-to-user loyalty for every one of your customers.

Goal driven loyalty

Create your program with as many levels and sub-levels as you need to get your customers excited about reaching the goals that you set out for them.

Badge collection

Apart from your point system you can also build a section on your platform to award and save badges for your customers when they complete progressively difficult challenges.

Time based loyalty

Use time as a factor in your loyalty programs. A typical use case could be to give points for time spent on your platform or offer more points between off-peak hours.

Loyalty tiers

Easy loyalty tiers from bronze to gold — clicked together in seconds

Create tiered loyalty campaigns based on point thresholds, all set up and managed through Talon.One's user-friendly platform.


Offer incentives for shoppers to return and spend with your brand


Reward your most loyal customers with exclusive perks


Build a sense of community and lasting emotional loyalty

Loyalty tiers Talon.One

Loyalty cards

Loyalty cards Talon.One

Easily share points and rewards among family or groups

Let loyalty cards be shared between your customers' families, clubs or businesses for easier and quicker point redemption.


Create combined wallet, sharing point earning and rewards


Allows for more flexible campaign set-up


Offer options to link customer profiles to cards

Loyalty points

Award loyalty points to encourage retention and specific behavior

Build behavioral and attitudinal loyalty by integrating a points system within your program.


Provide incentives to encourage repeat purchases


Allow seamless points redemption online, in-app and in-store


Use gamification mechanisms to make point-earning fun

Loyalty points Talon.One

Gain deep insights into customer behavior

Gain a better understanding of your customers and tailor your rewards

Get the flexibility you need to power and target your promotions - without the need to code.


Track customer behavior and create more effective campaigns


Manage and optimize campaigns with our user-friendly interface


Pull data into your BI system, or integrate Talon.One with your CDP

Loyalty insights Talon.One

Multi-brand loyalty

Expand the reach of your program with cross-brand compatibility

Increase loyalty program adoption and value by allowing customers to earn and redeem rewards across your company's brands.


Provide incentives for shoppers to try new brands within the group


Boost overarching parent company metrics


Gain valuable insights into purchasing behavior across brands

Multibrand loyalty with Talon.One

Seamless Integrations

Connect all your customer and SKU data

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