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Stress-free promotion management

Quick Integration

Quick integration

Get up and running in a day and start building your use cases with your Customer Success Manager.


Easy to adopt

Teams can use Talon.One quickly with a range of user roles and permissions to protect against mistakes.


Genuinely scalable

Deploy Talon.One on GKE clusters anywhere in the world and offer enterprise-grade service to your users.


The benefits of Talon.One for product managers

Focus your resources and boost your team’s agility

Let your developers focus on your core product and empower your marketers to build all promotions.

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Never code your promotions from scratch again

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Quickly build promotions with dynamic data points

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Empower your colleagues to focus on their core tasks

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How Talon.One solves your promotion chaos

In our Campaign Manager your marketers can easily build personalized promotions.

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Unify your promotions into one intuitive UI

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Automate, monitor and report promotion successes in one centralized platform

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Stay ahead of your competition with unique and targeted promotions

Boost brand loyalty and customer lifetime value with promotion diversity

Tie your customers to your products with personalised incentives created in one centralized system.

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Empower marketers to build personalized promotions

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Run loyalty programs that truly benefit your business goals

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Use customer data to create meaningful interactions with your customers

Omnichannel promotions
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"With Talon.One’s enterprise-ready loyalty features, the entire loyalty integration process took only 1 month to develop, test, and release."

Carmen Oprea

Carmen Oprea

VP of Product of HappyFresh

Connect all of your customer data

Platform service integrations

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