Level-up lifecycle marketing with rewards

Using Braze for automated and personalized promotions allow you to give every customer their perfect deal at the perfect time.

Braze & Talon.One partnership
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What are the benefits of integrating Braze with Talon.One?

Talon.One engagement

Irresistible Engagement

Automate your customer's dream deals — and keep your best users coming back

Talon.One flexibility

Ultimate Flexibility

Create and iterate on totally unique promotions, fast — with no lengthy development

Talon.One personalization

Targeted Personalisation

You already laser-focus your messaging — now deliver the perfect incentive exactly when it's needed

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"Personalization is a key expectation for modern consumers. Talon.One's philosophy is that tailored promotions and loyalty programs can help build better customer relationships."

Matt McRoberts Braze

Matt McRoberts

SVP Global Alliances of Braze

Talon.One is promotions. Solved.

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Enterprise scale: a proven partner for global brands

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Integrate once: every new promotion feature released will be available to your business teams

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Ultimate flexibility, meaning we adapt to support any custom requirements

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Omnichannel optimised — built API-first, Talon.One helps you build consistent experiences across channels

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