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Everything your marketers need to run automated, targeted and personalized promotions with commercetools is just an API-call away

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Join the 200 brands transforming promotions with Talon.One.

Reward Everything Talon.One

Enterprise Scalability

Multi-tenant architecture handling over a billion API calls daily from 24 server locations worldwide

Total Freedom Talon.One

Total Freedom

After your simple integration, every promotion option is available for your marketers to use

Maximum Convenience Talon.One


Microservices based, API-first, Cloud-native and Headless: Talon.One is a preferred partner for MACH leaders like Commercetools


"Talon.One is the best product offering advanced promotional capabilities to incentivize and reward our customers’ customers."

Dirk Hoerig commercetools

Dirk Hoerig

Founder & CEO of commercetools

Talon.One is promotions. Solved.

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Enterprise scale: a proven partner for global brands

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Integrate once: every new promotion feature released will be available to your business teams

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Ultimate flexibility, meaning we adapt to support any custom requirements

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Omnichannel optimized — built API-first, Talon.One helps you build consistent experiences across channels

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The 4 step commercetools integration process

#1 Talon.One

What You'll Need

A commercetools account, An Amazaon Lamda AWS account and a Talon.One deployment

#2 Talon.One

Connector Code

Run ready-to-use Talon.One connector code using an Amazon Lamda account

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