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Join the 200 brands transforming promotions with Talon.One.

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Proactive Promotions

Don’t get left behind - automate personalized campaigns that adapt to your latest customer insights

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Targeted campaigns

Use all your customer data to deliver their dream deals at the perfect time

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Omnichannel Engagement

Enrich your customer experience with omnichannel campaigns

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"Talon.One’s bespoke and flexible promotions approach combined with mParticle’s high-quality customer data gives brands a powerful way to deliver the right promotion to the right audience at the right time"

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Jake Dell'Aquila

Vice President of Partnerships of mParticle

Talon.One is promotions. Solved.

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Enterprise scale: a proven partner for global brands

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Integrate once: every new promotion feature released will be available to your business teams

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Ultimate flexibility, meaning we adapt to support any custom requirements

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Omnichannel optimized — built API-first, Talon.One helps you build consistent experiences across channels

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