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Enterprise brands choose Talon.One to power full-funnel reward and incentive campaigns — delivering unique, personalized customer experiences at every touchpoint

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"Talon.One is the best product offering advanced promotional capabilities to incentivize and reward our customers’ customers."

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Dirk Hoerig

Founder & CEO of commercetools

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API-first approach

Cloud-based SaaS solution for your promotions.

Complex loyalty solutions

Build loyalty programs using rich, automated features.

Enterprise promotion engine

Combine and control discounts, coupons, gift cards, bundling and more via one platform.

Build promotions using features beyond loyalty

Create rewards with custom effects for loyalty and non-loyalty members.

Future-proof enterprise solution

Proven pedigree with the world's biggest brands. Scales with the technical and logistical demands of your business.

Custom connected promotions

Stop data or operations silos between acquisition, activation and retention. Mix-and-match the ideal promotions combination for every campaign.


The holistic promotions solution: reward everything with Talon.One.


Promotions beyond loyalty

In addition to rich, custom loyalty programs, Talon.One can combine promotions to create exciting campaigns for non-loyalty members.

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Control all promotions via one intuitive UI

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Offer dynamic rewards based on session activity

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Personalized experience for anonymous customers

Tailored experiences Talon.One
Personalized promotions Talon.One


Craft unique, personalized loyalty experiences

Boost customer engagement by using Talon.One to give every customer a personalized experience.

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Dynamic personalization using all available data

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Maximize retention with tailored rewards

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Unique incentives for any behavior


An Enterprise Promotions Engine

Talon.One is designed to accommodate evolving promotion strategies in every industry. Talon.One's promotion engine grows with your promotion requirements, both technical and logstical.

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Enterprise Scaleability

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Optimized For Integration

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Every feature ungated for all users

Scales with your business Talon.One


Talon.One’s worldwide presence

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