Talon.One vs Voucherify

Read through a comprehensive summary of what makes Talon.One the most powerful Promotion Engine on the market. See why enterprise clients choose Talon.One to run thousands of smarter campaigns — and deliver a more personalized customer experience.

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"The initial 45 minutes where we ran through the top-level capabilities completely blew us away."

Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly

Head of Digital of National Express

Head-to-head comparison of Talon.One and Voucherify

API-first approach

Cloud-based SaaS solution for your promotions.

Flexible server locations

Performance and data integrity benefits to hosting near your users.

Set up in a single integration

Avoid additional integrations as you grow and your needs evolve.

Offer more than basic discounts or gift vouchers

Automatic code creation from any event — instant relevant rewards.


Avoid your promotion growth being throttled by low API request limits.

One powerful UI for all promotion types

The Campaign Manager gives easy on-the-fly optimization for users.


Why is Talon.One a difference-maker?


Campaign management with actionable insights

With in-depth views of campaign performance, attributing uplift to promotions has never been easier.

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Export triggered effects

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Filters to customize your results view

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Visualize important campaign metrics

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Build, manage and deploy campaigns in minutes

Combining an enterprise-level solution with a beginner-friendly UI, we’re ready to support you, at any stage of growth.

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Stack effects for complex campaigns

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Trigger rewards for any behavior

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Avoid overruns with budget limits


Just one integration for long-term success

Free up marketers to scale promotions on-the-fly. Once Talon.One is integrated, our Campaign Manager does all the rest.

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Free up your devs and project managers

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Support every ingenious campaign

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Build promotions your customers love


Talon.One’s worldwide presence

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