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Enterprise brands choose Talon.One to power full-funnel rewards and incentive campaigns — delivering unique, personalized customer experiences at every touchpoint.

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"Talon.One is the best product offering advanced promotional capabilities to incentivize and reward our customers’ customers."

Dirk Hoerig commercetools

Dirk Hoerig

Founder & CEO of commercetools

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API-first approach

Cloud-based SaaS solution for your promotions

Subscription option

Subscription pricing plan available

Enterprise promotion engine

Combine and control discounts, coupons, gift cards, bundling and more via one platform.

Options beyond loyalty

Create compelling promotion campaigns for non-loyalty members.

100% promotions focused

Dedicated to delivering best-in-class reward and incentive solutions.

Craft your ideal loyalty structure

Deliver a brand experience unique to you with entirely custom features, tiers and incentives.

Plugs into any frontend

Gives you full control of your customer promotions experience.

Generate Product Bundles, Gift Cards, Digital Wallets, and Geofencing

Drive engagement with more diverse promotions.

Contextual rewards for anonymous customers

Create personalized customer experiences outside of the loyalty member framework.

The most value from your data

No restrictions on which data campaigns can use or how they use it.


The holistic promotions solution: reward everything with Talon.One.


Get complete control of your promotions

Talon.One is a dedicated promotions engine. Combine discounts, coupon codes, bundling, complex loyalty programs, and more to map your ideal promotions journey.

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Reward every touchpoint, your way

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Craft the right loyalty structure for your customers

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Pinpoint and incentivize any customer behavior

Promotions journey TalonOne
Personalized promotions Talon.One


Take control of your promotions journey

Boost customer engagement by using Talon.One to give every customer a personalized experience.

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Dynamic personalization using all available data

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Maximize retention with tailored rewards

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Unique incentives for any behavior


Tailor experiences for every customer

Harness the power of Talon.One to give non-loyalty members a custom experience.

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Offer dynamic rewards based on session activity

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Personalized experience for anonymous customers

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Update customers with real-time offers

Scales with your business Talon.One


Talon.One’s worldwide presence

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