Unlock limitless potential with referral program software

Identify quality users and reward them with point systems, gifts, or membership benefits.

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Create the most powerful and personalized referral program campaigns

Data-driven promotions

Sync all your data in real-time to personalize your promotions and boost your performance.

Single UI

One single UI

In the Campaign Manager marketers can create sophisticated promotions without blocking developers.

cloud native

Cloud native and extendable

Talon.One is endlessly scalable. Connect your customer data, integrate with any 3rd parties and optimize on the fly.


Referral Program features

Easy and intuitive for marketing teams

Use customer data to build targeted segments with KPI-based rewards.

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Turn customers, affiliates, and employees into your brand ambassadors

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Drive data-based, personalized referral programs that convert

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Increase the engagement rate of your target group and build customer loyalty

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Referral program success on the fly

Bond your customers by setting rewards that increase in value for each completion.

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Supercharge scaling with gamified referral program strategies

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Benefit from the experience of our customer success team

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Tweak rewards easily and in real-time to optimize results

Endless customization & personalization

Our Campaign Manager allows you to make adaptations on the most granular level.

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Flexible reward triggers for on-the-fly adaptation

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Nudge ambassadors towards referral by reducing rewards over time

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Build any referral program you can imagine

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"The initial 45 minutes where we ran through the top-level capabilities completely blew us away."

Mark Kelly

Mark Kelly

Head of Digital of National Express

Connect all of your customer data

Platform service integrations

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Build the best promotions for your customers all by yourself with Talon.One