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Unlock limitless potential with referral program software

Reward brand ambassadors, employees, and influencers with dynamic referral schemes that offer point systems, gifts or membership benefits. Find quality users with scaling tactics like referral rewards that devalue over time — giving advocates the incentive to convince quicker.

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The most powerful Promotion Engine

Add any incentive to convince customers to make referrals

Data-driven promotions

Sync all your data in real-time to personalize your promotions and boost your perforance.

Automate the referral process from start to finish

One single UI

In the Campaign Manager marketers can create sophisticated promotions without blocking developers.

Use a variety of success criteria to create touch points

Cloud native and extendable

Talon.One is endlessly scalable. Connect your customer data, integrate with any 3rd parties and optimize on the fly.

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“After we got a glimpse of what Talon.One can do, we realized we couldn't work with our old system anymore.”
Karuan Aswad

Growth Manager at WeShare


Omnichannel solutions for POS, internal data, and any 3rd party

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Easy and intuitive for marketing teams

Quickly turn affiliates, employees and influencers into brand ambassadors. Precision target segments with KPI-based rewards, and build a stronger, dedicated user base with our referral tracking software.

Referral success on the fly

Supercharge scaling with gamified referral strategies. Set rewards that increase in value for each completed stage of the onboarding with their friends, or for each referral they make. Tweak rewards easily and in real-time to optimize results.
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Endless customization & personalization

With flexible reward triggers, you’re only limited by your imagination. Nudge ambassadors towards referral by reducing reward credit value over time to show the clock is ticking, or only reward advocates after a period of time is up.
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PedidosYa quote from Adam Mallat about Talon.One
“Now even our craziest campaign ideas are possible.”
Jan Pulfrábek

Head of Product Dáme Jídlo