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BERLIN, 01. June 2022: Bilt Rewards, a financial service provider based in New York, has chosen Talon.One as their promotions platform, as they aim to add more flexibility and scalability to their growing rewards program.

Bilt Rewards

Bilt Rewards offer U.S. renters the ability to earn points on each rent payment. Their objective is to allow members to use their points to travel, pay rent, work out, and — more importantly — to build a path towards homeownership.

Members of the program earn points when renting with the Bilt Rewards Alliance or paying with the Bilt Mastercard. 

Bilt Rewards Alliance is a collection of over 2 million rental homes across the U.S. that lets users earn points by paying rent.

A partnership between Bilt Rewards and the three major credit bureaus in the U.S. enables members to build a credit history and improve their credit score.

Bilt Rewards

Bilt Rewards needed a flexible loyalty program that was capable of tracking earned, spent, and pending points — with minimum involvement from their tech team.

The other reason Bilt Rewards migrated from their legacy platform to Talon.One was their need to expand their promotional features across the customer journey.

A key part of their expansion strategy is using Talon.One’s referral feature to reward their members for referring valuable customers. Working with Talon.One’s Rule Builder, they have unlimited options to build rich, effective referral rewards and incentives. 

“Since creating customer loyalty is a key priority for Bilt Rewards, we really believe Talon.One can add a huge amount of value — by improving scalability and time-to-market.” says Chris Mills, VP of Sales at Talon.One. “We look forward to seeing what creative campaigns they build with us in the future.”

Talon.One and its tech partners — including Segment and Braze — are working together to make the integration with Bilt Rewards tech stack as seamless as possible. Thanks to the integration and interoperability of these platforms, Bilt Rewards can rely on a host of cutting-edge features and capabilities once the integration is complete.

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