Empowering eCommerce: Divante & Talon.One

Divante is a leading, global eCommerce solution partner. With its open-source approach Divante provides quickly delivered projects in an agile way, ensuring the customer a competitive advantage. As a consequence their customers perceive technology as a key ingredient to their success.

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Wroclaw and Berlin


eCommerce Retail Experts

Gain your competitive advantage

Global customer support from Talon.One's integration engineer

Scalable and Reliable

Talon.One's Promotion Engine allows you to meet your changing demand at all times with dedicated auto-scaling Kubernetes server clusters.
Integrations with 3rd party tools, CRMS and analytics

Microservice Management

We enable businesses to choose and implement individual, autonomous services to create the best possible UX across all devices and channels.
An auto-scaling and reliable sales promotion platform


Responsive. Scalable. Compatible. Our API-first approach ensures that your services and products are consistent throughout any platform and interface.
PedidosYa quote from Adam Mallat about Talon.One
"Although the endless options you have with Talon.One can be overwhelming in the beginning, as soon as you get your head round it you realize you’ll never need another solution for your promotions"
Tomasz Karwatka

CEO of Divante

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