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Unlimited coupon customization. Build whatever you need, whenever you need it.

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Generate, manage and track coupons for customers

Make coupons more personal

Target market segments with customized coupons

Personalized & targeted

Create coupon campaigns that are limited to certain users or user groups with special attributes.

Create tailor-made coupons easily and effectively

Powerful coupon creation

Generate millions of unique coupons in a few clicks, set naming rules, coupon lengths and much more.  

Simple tracking and overall coupon security

Secure & easy to track

Prevent fraud and loss with single-use coupons and a whole host of tracking possibilities.

Advanced coupon marketing software

Easily create millions of randomly generated coupons. Set individual expiry dates and link client IDs to single coupons. The possibilities are infinite.

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Unique features that improve customization

Custom-made coupons

Target specific market segments using any profile or sales data. Use in-depth customization features like unique prefixes, suffixes and disallow typically confused letters or numbers. 

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Find & track coupons

Provide instant customer support with your built-in coupon finder. Track key details and reveal insights that can be used to make your campaigns more effective.

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Advanced coupon tracking and insights and editing
View budgets and coupon redemption limits in the Campaign Manager

Automated budgets & limits

Reduce overspending with budget and discount redemption limits, that end your campaigns automatically when they reach their target.

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Advanced coupon tracking and insights and editing

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