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Personalized geofence marketing campaigns

Geofencing marketing is on the rise. Customize campaigns with geolocation data and offer a more personalized experience for customers on the move.
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White label geofence marketing

Target areas & expand

Grow your business one region at a time with area-specific discounts, real-time travel and creative campaigns.

Customize even more

Appeal even more to your users by adding location-based data to your repertoire of available features.

Developer friendly

Import any external location data into your new campaign manager using GeoJSON format.  

Every PROMOTION is possible

Our full list of geofencing features

Market expansion

Move your brand to new areas on the map by targeting new areas and offering location-specific promotions to grab the attention of potential new customers.

Area promotions

Create one or many promotions that are only available to one house, street, neighbourhood, city, region, country or even continent.

Multiple location promotions

Offer more relevant promotions in certain areas with a higher concentration of specific demographics.

Select unavailable areas

Remove certain types of promotions from any areas with stricter laws or standards.

Go global

Offer set promotions to any geo-location you like around the world and build yourself a worldwide following.

Set special rates

Set higher rates for taking customers to and from difficult to reach locations such as the airport or zones with heavy traffic.

Point-to-point promotions

Especially valuable in the mobility industry, your clients can receive any type of rewards for moving from one point on a map to the next.

Personalization by location

Create custom promotions for individuals, users within a market segment or any other group of people that are inside of your geofences.

Location-specific notification

Send your users special notifications when they access your platform from whichever locations you have drawn on your map.

Travel data targeting

Use any travel industry specific data such as, weather, flight status or destination data from a user to target promotions in areas of interest.

On-the-fly Geofencing

Re-use any of your ready-built campaigns make them immediately available for users in other locations by including Geofencing data.


Build a Geocaching challenge to appeal to your audience's adventurous side. Set areas of interest on your map and give clues to users as they complete challenges on your platform.

Treasure hunts

Set clues to trigger at different locations around a city when users pay for a particular service or simply sign-in in a certain area. Trigger notifications for when users go off track or when they're getting closer to the prize.

Promote parades & protests

Give supporters of causes targeted deals based on their involvement in parades. Uploading photos or comments on the event as they walk allows you to determine if the person stayed in the set area the whole time.

Block party benefits

Draw your Geofence in an area that is holding a street party and create special promotions that are only triggered when you're in the area. Anything from a coupon for something to eat, to a challenge that gets new users to download your app.

Historical city tour

Guide users with notifications and Geofences around a city's historical sites and set them to trigger videos, music, or any other media that explain the relevance of the site you're visiting and then offer you discounts on museum tickets.

Promotions abroad

For customers that travel a lot you can build promotions that only activate when the person travels from one country to another and use your platform.

Every PROMOTION is possible

Geofencing features

The most powerful geofencing software for targeted promotions

Design your geofence promotions, rewarding your users for being in a geolocation at a certain time. Expand into new areas or create region-based promotions based on your geofencing digital marketing strategy.

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The most powerful geofencing software
Real-time mobility with geofence

Real-time mobility with geofence marketing campaigns

Use your mobile app to track points on a map and give geolocation-specific notifications, guiding your users on their journey. Use travel data as a variable in loyalty programs and create a more personalized geo coupons for your customers.

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The most creative geofencing marketing software

Geofencing marketing campaigns unlock a whole realm of campaign possibilities that can be both fun and rewarding for your users. Create treasure hunts, city-wide challenges or give discounts to users at festivals.

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The most creative geofencing marketing software
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Best-in-class consultation from our Customer Success Team

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