Target promotions even further with geofencing

Customize campaigns with geolocation data and offer a more personalized experience for customers on-the-move.

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Geo-location feature for coupons, referrals, loyalty or other sales promotion incentives

Leave your mark on the map

Target areas on the map using geo-fencing

Target areas & expand

Grow your business one region at a time with area-specific discounts, real-time travel and creativity.

Deep personalization of promotions with geo-location

Customize even more

Appeal even more to your users by adding location-based data to your repertoire of available features.

Simple location data exportation for developers

Developer friendly

Import any external location data into your new campaign manager using GeoJSON format.  

Location-based customization

Design your promotions in new ways, giving your users benefits for being in places at certain times. Expand into new areas or customize promotions from region to region based on your marketing research. 

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Build location based promotion in the Campaign Manager
Geo-fencing for mobility and travel apps

Real-time mobility

Use your mobile app to track points on a map and give location-specific notifications, guiding your users on their journey. Use travel data as a variable in loyalty programs and create a more personalized experience for your customers.

Geofencing Features

Get creative

Geofencing unlocks a whole realm of campaign possibilities that can be both fun and rewarding for your users. Create treasure hunts, city-wide challenges or give discounts for users at festivals to name a few. 

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Creative geo-fencing applications and uses

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