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The first Promotion API ready for travel services

Make your travel promotions relevant to your customers with travel-oriented data like location, distance and time.

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Powerful travel promotions made easy

Analyze and optimize

Use built-in dashboards or your current BI systems to gather actionable insights and optimize your travel promotion results.

Personalized promotions

Feed custom data in real-time through the travel Promotion API to build campaign workflows that trigger highly personalized promotions.

Seamless integrations

Integrate any 3rd-party services as a data source (flyer miles, delays etc.) or as external effects (emails, payments, etc.) through the travel API.

Every PROMOTION is possible

The First Promotion Solution For Travel Services

Build travel promotions with unique promotion workflows

In today's competitive travel industry, like booking sites, travel platforms, airlines, and car rentals, companies have to respond rapidly to achieve competitive advantages.

The Talon.One Promotion Engine enables travel services to respond to customer needs with personal travel promotions in real-time.

Promotion software
API-based solution

Build travel promotions with unique promotion workflows

From Airlines to hotel booking engines and car rentals, the travel industry is fiercely competitive and requires an agile promotion strategy.

Talon.One's promotion API allows you to promote your travel business by integrating your customer segment data, travel-specific attributes, such as destination, travel class, travel distance and any other relevant user data or actions in an open session on your platform.

Promotion software
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“After we got a glimpse of what Talon.One can do, we realized we couldn’t work with our old system anymore”
Karuan Aswad

Growth Manager at WeShare

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“I love that our marketers can log in and manage all of our campaigns in one platform, without distracting the development team.”
Marius Blaesing

CTO of Getsafe

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“Honestly, I think Talon.One is the future of pricing and promotions. Their engine is essential for ecommerce.”
Nick Mahn

PPC Manager at Helloprint

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“When you have to make decisions about how promotions work, that’s time you’re taking away from your customers.”
Johnny Quach

CPO of Hostelworld Group

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