Gift card software for big business objectives

Respond to your specific customer requirements with the type of gift card flexibility every enterprise needs.

Gift card illustrationLearn About Gift Cards
Generate, manage and track coupons for customers

A more modern gift card system

Target market segments with customized coupons

Incentivized spending

Create gift cards for customers to win, share, top-up, spend directly or save in their wallets for later.

Create tailor-made coupons easily and effectively

Multiple business benefits

Refunds, giveaways, convertible currency or gifts. Use gift cards in the way that works best for your business.

Simple tracking and overall coupon security

Scalable & flexible

Upscale and match demand effectively with gift cards. And customize specifically for your customer's needs.

Gift cards & referrals

Get new potential buyers into your sales funnel. With Talon.One you can allow customers to share gift cards with friends as a part of your referral program.

How to Create Gift Cards
In-app view of advanced coupon management features
Unique features that improve customization

Protect your cashflow in crisis

Prevent large cash payouts. Offer refunds to your customers with an extra percentage attached as an incentive. Store multiple refunds in gift card wallets.

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Personalize & track

Adjust all the same features as Talon.One coupons to customize gift cards for your customers. Assign as many trackable custom attributes as you like.

Discover the Features
Advanced coupon tracking and insights and editing
View budgets and coupon redemption limits in the Campaign Manager

Manage 3rd party giveaways

Build better partnerships and bigger incentives for your customer base. Create and distribute gift cards from shopping platforms that you work with.

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Advanced coupon tracking and insights and editing

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