Personalize marketing with custom targeted discounts

User behaviour, inventory, user events, 3rd party data - use it all to build targeted & automated discounts.

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Dynamic discount features for sales promotions

Automate and personalize promotions

Data-driven discounts using session and profile data

Data-driven discounts

Use any customer or session data you like to tailor your discounts precisely to your clients.

Create automatically applied discounts at a cart-level

No codes needed

Remove sticking points for clients with simple-to-build automatic and cart-level discounts.  

Reliable discount campaigns that respond to your customer interactions

Reliable and responsive

Set up automated discounts that respond immediately to your customer interactions.

The most precise & secure discounts

Stop overspending on the wrong customers. Reach your clients at the right time, with precise discounts. Absolutely no restriction in scalability for campaigns and always 100% secure.

Prevent Discount Fraud
Offer precise discounts and prevent overspending on the wrong customers
Custom discounts for each customer configured from business and profile data

Personalized and data-driven discounts

Integrate customer data, customer sessions, and custom events seamlessly via the API and use your data to configure any type of discount campaigns.

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Design any type of discount

Automate notifications with discount offers that trigger effects based on any type of user behaviour. Give fixed-value or percentage discounts for one, some or all the items in the shopping basket.

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Discount notifications and dynamically applied reductions with fixed-value or percentage
Custom discounts for each customer configured from business and profile data

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