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Create campaigns for any user segments or groups with special attributes.

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Generate millions of unique codes in a few clicks, set naming rules, code lengths and much more.  

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Prevent fraud and loss with limits, budgets and a whole host of tracking possibilities.

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Frequently asked questions, answered.

Can I use this code generator for free?

Yes, the code generator is completely free to use.

What code patterns can I create?

You can create different code patterns using uppercase or lowercase letters, and numbers. You can also add a prefix or suffix to your codes for extra personalization.

Can I customize my unique codes?

Yes. In the code generator’s advanced settings you can create different code design patterns and add a prefix or suffix to generate more personalized codes.

What is the maximum amount of free codes I can generate?

You can create batches of up to 9999 unique codes for free. If you need more unique codes, generate a new batch with a different prefix or suffix to make sure the new codes are all unique.

What can I use this code generator for?

You can create free gift card codes, random number codes, credit card numbers, online coupon codes, random passwords, referral codes, promo codes, and serial numbers.

Does the code generator always create unique codes?

Yes, you will always generate free, unique, and random codes.

Can I use the code generator to create referral codes?

Yes, you can create free referral codes.

Can I use this code generator as an online discount code generator?

Yes, you can create unique discount codes.

How secure are the promo codes?

The code generator combines randomly generated numbers and letters in uppercase and lowercase. In the advanced settings you can choose even more secure code design patterns.  

How can I customize my secret promo codes?

The code generator chooses from uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and you can set a prefix or suffix to create even more personalized free promo codes.

Can I export my random codes as CSV files?

Yes, you have two ways to export your unique codes. You can simply copy your unique codes, or download them as a CSV file.

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