More flexibility for creative bundling

Give your customers the best possible reasons to keep adding to their baskets as they shop.

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Dynamic bundling software to build better product bundles

Customize your combinations

Combine effectively for product and service bundling

Dynamic bundling

Encourage clients to add more to their cart by creating clever product combinations.   

Targeted and personalized bundling discounts

Special discounts

Design any themed campaign you can think of by assigning special attributes to your items.

No more hard-coding in product bundling

No more hard-coding

Set up automated bundles using any attributes and give your developers some room to breath.  

Maximize upselling

Increase your upselling potential by triggering bundle notifications for customers. Dynamically show them what they need to do to qualify for a bundling incentive.

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Upsell more often with automated bundling options
Target bundles specific segment with the rule builder and customer attributes

Target market segments

Increase retention with thoughtful bundles based on very specific customer interactions and profile attributes. Target segments by location, device, profile attributes, and reward in any way you like.

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Reduce system complexity

Stop creating lists of all the products included in your bundles. Simply assign product attributes, create as many bundle combinations as you need in the Rule Builder and automate bundling for your customers.

More Bundling Features
Cart-item bundling features that reduce system complexity

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