Wallets that store any data you work with

Flexible ledgers that can save everything from coupons and miles to credits and cash. In any currency you use.

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Flexible wallet features

Simpler saving and spending for customers

Create and assign wallets for every use case

Wallets when you need

No limits on the amount of wallets you can assign and combine for customers.

Flexible loyalty wallets

Flexible wallet features

Adapt the way your customers use wallets to maximize on engagement and spending.

Loyalty and coupon wallets

Save any type of data

Use custom attributes to store unique business currency or data for your customers.

One system for every currency

Save, exchange and manage any currency or credit you use in your business worldwide. Set up and manage calculations specifically for any regions you operate in.

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Every currency or credit is possible
Granular control and targeting tools in loyalty plans

Collecting is encouraged

Build any type of loyalty initiative with ease. Point systems, credit, stamps, miles, you name it. Let your customers in each segment collect and spend in their favourite ways.

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Wallet insights and logs

View the details of your customer wallets searching by profile. And easily track and communicate information like active, expired and pending points.

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Tiered, KPI-driven and point programs to create longer-lasting brand loyalty
Loyalty wallets and point conversion including earn and burn features

Create more relevant rewards

Don't limit your customers to just one generic value for their point collection. Leverage points in sales and use sub-ledgers to save and spend points in specified locations.

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