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talon.one cabiri join forces


Jul 18, 2022

Henry Bewicke - Content Writer

Henry Bewicke

Content Writer

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An official commercetools partner since 2017, Cabiri specializes in headless, serverless eCommerce solutions. Customers will now be able to combine Talon.One’s industry-leading promotions software with Cabiri’s agile commerce accelerator, Ashiba.

Adding Talon.One to Cabiri’s software stack is exciting news for eCommerce brands looking to upgrade their capabilities.

Talon.One is the leading Promotion Engine, used by international brands every day to drive customer acquisition and loyalty. Customers get maximum value from their sales operations and improve their brand recognition with reactive, enticing promotional campaigns.

Cabiri is the UK’s leading Headless eCommerce solution provider, specializing in cloud-based, serverless delivery. Both Talon.One and Cabiri offer full integration with commercetools, allowing customers to build their own unique software stack for their individual needs.

Integration allows customers to test any promotion within any combination of other software solutions before going live.

Fully customizable promotions

Customizability has been a primary focus during the development of Talon.One. It allows our customers to maximize the value of their promotions for their own specific business needs.

Following a simple integration, businesses can set up any promotions they want, including referrals, customer loyalty programs, discounts, coupons, geofences, bundles and much more. These various different campaign types are set up in the Campaign Manager's Rule Builder (seen below), and can be combined to create complex campaigns with the aim of gamification or to promote customer loyalty.

The Rule Builder in Talon.One's Campaign Manager

“A lot of people talk about best of breed, but in Talon.One’s case we can see genuine value that we can offer our clients.” - Rex Bigger, Founder & CEO of Cabiri

Talon.One’s Promotion Engine is easy for staff without a technical background to use. Unlike many software platforms, there’s no need to invest any additional developer hours after integration is complete.

API-First and Cloud-Native

Meanwhile, Ashiba, Cabiri’s cloud-native eCommerce accelerator, allows you to pick and choose the right software for your business, and integrate that with commercetools.

Cabiri’s fully cloud-based, serverless platform and team of expert engineers makes integrating with commercetools and other 3rd party software simple and quick. They are the perfect choice for any business looking to add new software to their tech stack or build an entire stack from the ground up.

“With Cabiri’s robust CI/CD solution, ideas in the morning can become reality by the afternoon.’’ - Cabiri

Ashiba’s CI/CD pipeline and integrated release process can be used to particularly good effect when trying out new promotions or creating front-end promotion variations for your eCommerce shop.

If you would like to know any more about Talon.One’s Promotion Engine, check out our Content Library or book your own personalized demo.

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