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Gamified loyalty programs in South East Asia with Talon.One

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Gamified Loyalty Programs in South East Asia

See how this food & beverage customer powered their gamified customer loyalty program.

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To turn their ideas into reality, this food & beverage business needed a solution that could power the creatively gamified customer loyalty program they were looking to build. 

*Note: This company asked to remain anonymous to maintain the competitive advantage using Talon.One for their promotions offered them.


One of Talon.One’s clients wanted to offer customers reasonably priced, and easily accessible coffee from their online platform.

They decided that a customer loyalty program on their own app was the best way to provide responsive, exciting promotions.

The loyalty program needed to be able to support a variety of promotion mechanisms, all while updating customer profiles via the app and point of sale software.

To run seasonal and time-specific promotions, the system also had to be intuitive enough to use for team members with no previous development experience.

They needed a solution that

  • Integrated quickly with their online shop
  • Supported a complex loyalty program with customer accounts
  • Could be updated with new promotions whenever needed
  • Could handle large spikes in traffic as the brand grew

“Proper gamification takes such a lot of time for developers to code from scratch”

“Proper gamification takes such a lot of time for developers to code from scratch”


To get gamification right you need to use a number of powerful promotional techniques at once.

Talon.One’s Promotion Engine was the obvious choice because of its extensive features and flexibility.

The loyalty features allowed the perfect foundation for complex gamification to be implemented in-store and online.

Talon.One helped them

  • Make their vision of gamification a reality
  • Stand out among competitors with attractive new promotions
  • Automate and streamline their backend processes
  • Free up engineer hours for other important projects
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Gamified Loyalty Programs in South East Asia
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