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Jul 18, 2022

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What promotional marketing tactics can you implement to capitalize on the latest digital marketing trends?

We will share effective promotional campaign ideas based on what the Econsultancy Digital Trends Report lists as the top digital marketing trends in 2017.

1. Targeting and Personalization
2. Social Media Engagement
3. Conversion Rate Optimization

An example of a company leading the digital marketing space is Adidas. For Adidas, digital engagement is key in order to communicate with their younger demographic.

Adidas has announced that from now, their marketing will focus entirely on digital platforms and by 2020 they hope to quadruple their e-commerce revenues to 4 billion euros. -CNBC

Ok, so maybe you don’t have a billion-dollar budget like Adidas (just yet), but you can definitely learn from their move to digital marketing.

Below are some promotion tactics you can implement right away to help your business achieve your digital marketing goals.

Econsultancy - which three digital-related areas are top priorities

Source: eConsultancy

Targeting and Personalization

This means leveraging your data to create tailored messages, product promotions and offers for individual customers, with the goal of cultivating a more meaningful, customer-centric relationship.

Coupon Campaign Idea:

Give customers a Happy Birthday coupon for 30€ to spend in your shop. Remember to collect enough customer data (especially their birthday!) for this strategy to work. This will make them feel appreciated and excited to make a purchase.

Loyalty Campaign Idea:

Give loyal customers a free gift with a purchase after they have completed over 10 transactions in your shop. To personalize the reward, analyze your customer data to determine what type of gift they would find meaningful.

Social Media Engagement

Share promotions on social media and take advantage of a much wider audience, increased brand awareness, and the extended networks of your customers. Remember to define a clear call to action so it's easy for customers to share on the right platforms.

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Referral Campaign Idea:

Provide customers with a personalized URL so they can share with friends on Facebook or Twitter, and reward them for successful referrals. When friends click the link and make a purchase, both the existing and new customer can receive discounts or products from your shop.

77% of consumers are more likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends or family. -Nielsen

Coupon Campaign Idea:

Simply share a coupon for a seasonal sale or special product offer on all your social channels. When you promote on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, consider adding criteria like follow or like us, comment or share with friends as a rule that you reward.

Conversion Rate Optimization

This strategy involves increasing the number of conversions that occur on your website or touch-points by using customer data to improve the experience to turn them into customers or complete the desired action. Optimizing the process means giving potential customer more opportunities or reasons to convert.

Discount Campaign Idea:

Give customers 10% off their first purchase, but only target new customers who are first-time visitors on your website. Encourage the first purchase with a well-timed discount to boost new user conversion rates.

Loyalty Program Idea:

Allow new customers the chance to be part of a loyalty program that will give them valuable offers, discounts or rewards right away. If your company has a monthly subscription model, implement a loyalty program where buyers get 10% off their 1st purchase, 20% off their 2nd purchase, and 30% off their 3rd purchase.

Landing page optimization checklist infographic

Is your business ready to scale your promotion marketing alongside these digital trends? What platforms and solutions will you leverage to implement your digital marketing strategy?

With new technologies, trends, and customer habits emerging every at every (micro)moment, it can be tough to cut through the noise and actually reach customers. Are you ready to keep up? Try starting with some of these promotion campaign ideas.

What digital marketing priorities are shaping your strategy in the coming year?  Get in touch with any questions or book a demo to see for yourself what we do at Talon.One.

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