Stress-free promotion management

Data-driven discounts using session and profile data

Quick integration

Get up and running in a day and start building your use cases with your Customer Success Manager.

Create automatically applied discounts at a cart-level

Easy to adopt

Teams can use Talon.One quickly with a range of user roles and permissions to protect against mistakes.

Reliable discount campaigns that respond to your customer interactions

Genuinely scalable

Deploy Talon.One on GKE clusters anywhere in the world and offer Enterprise- grade service to your users.

PedidosYa quote from Adam Mallat about Talon.One
“After we got a glimpse of what Talon.One can do, we realized we couldn’t work with our old system anymore”
Karuan Aswad

Growth Manager at WeShare

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“I love that our marketers can log in and manage all of our campaigns in one platform, without distracting the development team.”
Marius Blaesing

CTO of Getsafe

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“Honestly, I think Talon.One is the future of pricing and promotions. Their engine is essential for ecommerce.”
Nick Mahn

PPC Manager at Helloprint

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“When you have to make decisions about how promotions work, that’s time you’re taking away from your customers.”
Johnny Quach

CPO of Hostelworld Group

Every PROMOTION is possible

Promotion software for Product Managers

Focus your resources and boost your team’s agility

Forget about coding promotions from scratch ever again. Quickly build promotions with dynamic data points and get your engineers spending their time on your core product, while marketers get creative.

Discount notifications and dynamically applied reductions with fixed-value or percentage
Promotion chaos solved

Promotion chaos solved

Unify your promotions into one intuitive UI. Automate every stage in your customer journeys, monitor and report promotion successes and stay way ahead of the competition with unique and targeted promotions.

Boost brand loyalty and customer lifetime value with promotion diversity

Limiting yourself to siloed promotion solutions almost always leads to failure. Offer your customers a range of rewards to incentivize onboarding, referral and loyalty programs.

Boost brand loyalty and customer lifetime value with promotion diversity
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