Jul 14, 2020

Setting up Fintech Referral Programs with Talon.One

Henry Bewicke
Content Writer
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We often receive inquiries from potential customers who already know what kind of promotions system they need. One example is Fractal, a Berlin-based software company. They offer highly-secure know your customer (KYC) solutions for major financial institutions.

Fractal needed a highly-capable promotions system - one that would allow them to set up unique, reactive referral programs for their customers.

Talon.One was their eventual choice from a long list of potential service providers. Our system represented the best fit for their business. They’ve since seen some great results from their referral programs.

"If you can get a product which does what you’re looking for then you’re not really going to consider building it in house..."

Júlio Santos, Chief Product Officer

We explore why Talon.One’s system was the best solution for Fractal and how it helped them get results in our latest customer case study.

Download your copy to find out what Fractal was able to achieve with our Promotion Engine.

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