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Jul 18, 2022

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Wrap up the year with your best Holiday promotional campaigns for maximal Christmas cheer for your customers and hopefully Christmas bonuses for yourself and your workmates too.

Here are some of our personal favourites from last year to get you into the spirit.

AVON 2018, 12 Days of Deals Campaign 

Avon kicked off last years holiday promotions with a classic play on the 12 days of Christmas.

Promotion solutions used: 

Avon Christmas campaign

Offering deals on different products and services each day during the 12 Days of Deals campaign is a great example of customer activation at every stage of their journey - acquisition, engagement and retention. 

IKEA 2018, Christmas Campaign 

Obviously well aware that getting people back in their store means up-selling every time, IKEA came up with this deal last year. 

Offering a 20€ branded store voucher for buying a 30€ tree, although costly in theory, gets your customers to come back in January and has them thinking of you (and creating nostalgic Christmas connections to your brand) over Christmas.

IKEA Ireland Christmas promotions

Flaconi 2019, Cyber Week Campaign

Flaconi offer a coupon code at the top of their website home page with a countdown timer which builds an urge to make a purchase before time runs out. 

Fantastic, because it’s a real timer and you can actually see the coupon reduce 5% in value day-by-day, which creates a feeling of urgency to get the best possible deal quick! 

Flaconi flash deals

As you scroll further down their page, you find a beauty deal ‘Buy 2, 1 for free’ with a discount code attached. 

This is a good technique, because it lets the customer choose whatever they like from a wide range and doesn’t force them to stick to any specific brand or category. 

Also the filter and sorting can make the purchase funnel more engaging for the user, however, managing the different bundle options, coupons and discount codes can get messy without well-structured promotion software and ultimately lead to very stressed-out developers over the Christmas period.   

Promotional solutions used:

Drigstore bundle

Zalando 2019, Cyber Week Campaign

Another excellent example of retaining customers through a beautifully branded discount program. 

Zalando offer deals on a variety of product categories every day and encouraging their participation with the help of their countdown timer, which shows you how long you have before you’ve totally missed out. 

Promotional solutions used:

Cyber deals for sportwear

Merry Christmas Campaigns 

So good luck in your campaigns, and of course if you’d like to see how we would set up these campaigns and many more using our promotion software, simply book a demo with us.

And a little gift for you!

We hope you’ve already had a very successful year, and to make sure you get the best start in January we have a free gift for you, packed with a whole load of marketing tips and techniques. Download your free copy today!

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