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Perfect customer support with promotions Talon.One


Jul 18, 2022

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Did you know you can integrate Talon.One with your help desk?

You know it's a best practice for customer support agents to offer incentives to customers that have experienced issues with your services or products.

But in our experience, this is typically a cumbersome and slow process.

A manual process is what we see

When a support case occurs, agents typically handle customer communication with a help desk application, leave the platform to create a coupon code in another window, then go back to the help desk and send an email with a coupon code to the customer.

Sound familiar? Read on to learn how Talon.One can significantly improve the efficiency of your customer support operations.

Integrate, individualize, automate

Your goal should be to empower customer support agents to quickly access all your incentive options directly in the help desk. Businesses waste valuable time and resources when agents have to access any other platform to create coupons or define discounts.

In today's competitive on-demand economy, you need to individualize the incentives depending on customer and case. You can't just throw 20% discounts at every complaining customer. A personalized incentive is a key tactic in your efforts to restore the customer's trust in your brand.

In the end, you want to have a fully automated process that triggers the creation of individual incentives. You also need to ensure secure validation criteria is in place to connect customers with the right incentive and establish seamless communication between the necessary platforms involved (such as help desk, CRM, email).

If your company deals with a lot of support cases, this automated process will be incredibly beneficial to your team.

An easy option to solve the dilemma

promotion platform-coupon management

So how can you eliminate these roadblocks? Integrating Talon.One directly into your help desk platform will help automate your support process and save your team a huge amount of time.

Let's look at an example: Our Salesforce Integration Guide demonstrates how a promotion platform like Talon.One can improve your support team's efficiency.

In this case, simply implement a button on your help desk platform so your sales agents can create coupons in real-time for customers. You can then set up an automated workflow that triggers the coupon to be sent to the customer's email. This is easy to achieve if you're using a Talon.One webhook on your help desk.

A promotion engine should empower your support team to deliver the highest level of customer service. The resulting automated support workflow within your help desk will increase efficiency in three ways:

  • Enabling support agents to define incentives within the help desk

  • Allowing individualization of incentives based on case and customer

  • Fully automating underlying processes so there is no manual work

If you're interested in learning more about 3rd party integrations with Talon.One or want to see a live demo, get in touch.

Browse our documentation to learn about the other plugins and webhooks available with Talon.One.

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