Jul 27, 2020

How WeShare Used Promotions to Drive Business During Lockdown

Henry Bewicke
Content Writer
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Berlin-based car-sharing company WeShare entered the game at a tricky time. Founded in 2019, the company had big plans for this year. In a city with a number of well-established car-sharing brands, WeShare hoped to stand out from the crowd with their all-electric fleet.

A spanner in the works

But their plans suffered a major setback in the form of COVID-19. The lockdown had a massive impact on almost all industries and car-sharing was no exception. Unfortunately for WeShare, social distancing restrictions greatly reduced demand.

WeShare needed to stand out from the crowd to compete against the more established players already in Berlin.

Well before the virus hit, WeShare decided that they wanted to use promotions to attract new customers. They already had a third-party promotions platform, but it could only support basic campaigns. Luckily, integration with Talon.One was completed in February, just before the pandemic hit.

Using Talon.One’s Promotion Engine, WeShare could run new promotions that they weren't able to before. This meant they could keep customers driving throughout the pandemic.

Our latest customer success story explores how promotions helped WeShare make the most of a difficult situation. Get your own free copy below to find out more.

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