The Ultimate Library of Promotional Campaign Ideas

Sep 10, 2019
Felix Wende
Integration Engineer
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For any business, it can be daunting to implement a new strategy. Especially when digital marketing technologies and tactics are changing every minute.

We want to help you kick-start your promotion marketing strategy, so we collected 108 of our promotional campaign use cases just for you.

Download the FREE Talon.One Campaign Library

Why do you need promotions? Optimizing your digital marketing strategy with targeted promotions is a smart investment if your company is looking to scale, reduce your CAC and increase revenue.

In this free Campaign Library, you'll find ideas for your next coupon, discount, referral, loyalty, or product bundling campaign. Browse by industry, campaign type and steal (or borrow if you prefer) your favourite promotional campaign ideas.

Looking for something else? Just get in touch and we can design a campaign plan tailored to the unique needs of your business.

If you don't have a scalable solution to manage all of your promotional campaigns in one place, you can see how easy it is with Talon.One, no matter your industry.

With Talon.One there are no restrictions for building complex promotions. But before you get too excited, we recommend starting simple with a solid framework of basic campaigns.

In the Campaign Library you'll get access to various types of promotions:

Based on different customer lifecycle phases:

And classified by industry:

TAKE NOTE: You must always decide discounts and pricing structures based on your own specific business goals and budgets, the amounts listed in the library are examples only.

Click on the download link below to get the library of campaign ideas and see just a few of the possibilities available with Talon.One's Promotion Engine.


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