23 Nov 2023

Top 4 tips for launching a scalable promotion campaign

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Overdose Composable Commerce: APAC 2022 was held on February 9th and 10th. The virtual event brought innovation and ecommerce experts together from across the world. The summit focused on showcasing ecommerce technology opportunities which can lead to a surge in engagement with prospective clients.

One of these opportunities, which has gained popularity over the past years, is nurturing the loyalty of customers. Composable commerce has made it possible for companies to reward the curiosity and loyalty of their customers through scalable and customizable promotions. This doesn’t suggest that the well of traditional loyalty schemes has run dry, that coupons, vouchers, bundling, etc. aren’t working anymore. It means that both companies and customers want something more than what traditional promotion solutions are able to offer.

Laurent Billieres, Sales Director APAC at Talon.One, was one of the speakers at Overdose Summit. In his presentation, Laurent shared how you can drive results with scalable effective loyalty campaigns in a ‘best practices’ breakdown. Here’s some key takeaways from Laurent’s talk. You can watch the complete presentation here.

Make your customers work for their rewards

You can create a more effective loyalty program by adding the hue of a challenge to it. When your customers feel they are working for their rewards by overcoming some challenges, they will be more likely to redeem what they gain.

Loyalty programs with this capability can influence customers’ behavior, bringing them to your doorstep and driving them away from competitors.

This is what Burger King literally did. Burger King’s ‘Whopper Detour’ campaign was one of the most successful efforts in terms of influencing customers’ behavior by making them work for what they obtain. Relying on mobile geofencing, Burger King app sent people a notification offering a Whopper for one cent when they went within 600 feet of most McDonald’s locations. The campaign drove over 1 million app downloads within just a few days of its launch.

One of the best – and most entertaining – ways to create the achievement feeling is gamifying your customer’s purchasing behavior. At its core, gamification is the process of applying game concepts and mechanics to non-gaming contexts in order to influence behavior, drive engagement, raise awareness, etc.

Gamification will help you reach your growth goals if you can come up with the right model for your implementation plan. You should also be aware of the potential technical blockers and be prepared to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

For more information on how gamification can help your business, check out our ebook, Promotion Gamification: How and Why It Works.

Make your customers feel lucky

A holistic, tech-based incentive program can make your customer feel lucky about what they achieve as a result of their interaction with your brand.

To blend the feeling of being lucky with surprise and delight, you will need reliable referral software that drives conversion. Such software will enable you to use the randomized aspect of rewards and tie an award to a specific user instead of producing generic coupons.

How does it translate into an actual promotion campaign? You can design a scheme where those customers who refer a person to you will randomly get the chance to win a specific reward (1 in 80 customers, for instance).

This randomizing system is also a fraud deterrent, disappointing those who create fake accounts to get an infinite number of generic awards.

Make your customers feel exclusive

You certainly want your customers to not only feel lucky but also exclusive. A loyalty program that can divide your customers into different tiers will invoke this feeling of exclusivity, encouraging your audience to aim for higher levels.

The tier-based loyalty platform will also make your email targeting easier and more effective. One of the most important reasons your email marketing isn’t working is that your mailing list isn’t segmented. When you deal with tiers, you can target a specific segment of prospects/customers, offering what they really care about.

Research shows that 71 percent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions. This suggests that the ability of your promotion software to produce personalized experiences for your customers is a must-have. Through its tech capability and technical partnerships, Talon.One equips you with an infinite number of personalized options for your promotion campaign.

Make loyalty programs easy to understand

No matter how attractive, your loyalty rewards will fail to catch the attention of customers if they are too complicated to understand.

Your customers demand transparency on how each of their single moves will lead to certain effects. You can respond to this growing demand by automating your loyalty rewards. This means your promotion platform must be able to produce real-time effects for your customers.

The automation of the promotion platform will also alleviate the pain of balance sheet liability for your business.

Talon.One will enable you to launch any promotions in minutes without dev requirements. Future promotions need security, flexibility, and scalability.

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