4 Reasons You Need to Invest More in Customer Experience and Loyalty

Dec 12, 2019
Daniel Burton
UX Writer
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Clickbait, generic sales promotions and poor customer service. Fantastic ways to make your customers dislike you.  And of course, whoever came up with the phrase, “There’s no such thing as bad publicity” didn’t live in a world of online reviews, ‘trolling’ and tweets that go viral.

1. 69% of US consumers say customer service is very important when it comes to their loyalty to a brand. (Microsoft)

Having a great customer service team that empathize with customers and don’t just hang up because their English level is low, is a great start of course. 

But another fantastic way to keep your clients happy, your ability to appease users in real-time with low-cost ‘rewards’ like a customer ID-dependant coupon code 

2. 54% of consumers say they’ve had at least one bad customer service experience in the last month. (HubSpot)

Don't be that person. Keep in mind that people tend to share their negative experience more than the positive ones, which can end up being a bad review for you. And even worse, they won't recommend you to their friends and family (check out why referral marketing is crucial for your business).

3. Revenues for businesses that prioritize customer service rise 4-8% above their market. (Bain)

This speaks for itself. Increase your revenue simply by keeping your customers happy with a good customer experience.

4. Satisfied US customers will share their positive experience with 11 different people. (American Express)

Turn your customers into your brand advocates and save on your marketing.

We believe that it's easier (and less costly) to retain users than to acquire new ones. Happy customers who are satisfied with your customer experience will be loyal to your brand and will most probably recommend it to their friends.

If you're interested in learning more about loyalty campaigns that you could start running today, read more about how to build a loyalty program with Talon.One or get in touch and let's have a quick call.


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