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Alsaree3 is is an Iraqi food delivery and last mile delivery app. Launched in 2018, this innovative startup has quickly grown into one of the most popular restaurant delivery apps in Baghdad in 2021.



Alsaree3 use innovative technology solutions to offer customers and restaurants great experiences.

They had already set up a referral system and offered a range of promotions, but as they quickly grew in size they realized they needed to automate processes to spend more time working on other key aspects of their service.

To offer customers more personalized deals that used real-time geolocation data and interactions it was clear Alsaree3 would save money outsourcing their promotion solutions to a scalable Promotion Engine.

Alsaree3 needed a solution that:

  • Could be used together with their current referral program

  • Gave them advanced geolocation features to use in their backend

  • Had loyalty features they could implement in phases

  • Could handle huge spikes in traffic during peak delivery times

“We work with the most advanced technology in our field, and thanks to Talon.One, we’ll reach even more people to help us offer new features and an even more comprehensive service.” -Bassam Alatia, CEO of ALsaree3

Alsaree3’s Story

When Bassam founded AlSaree3 in 2018, their communication message was ‘faster than fast’.

They achieved this using the latest technologies to simplify the task of ordering food, and using AI algorithms in the application to work out the most efficient way of distributing food across Iraq depending on the location of the restaurant, driver and customer.

Faster than fast was not just a message, but a company value that has been reflected in the development and adoption of their technology to create new products in an agile and effective way.

“With Talon.One there’s less coding, less time to market, and a bigger impact.”

Riddhi Ojha

CTO at Alsaree3

Offering true value to customers

During the peak of COVID-19, Alsaree3 used Talon.One’s geofencing feature to offer free delivery for customers in the Medical City district of Baghdad.

How it works:

  • You open the Alsaree3 app, and if you’re in the Medical City district a popup shows you there’s free delivery in your area.

  • Your location is sent to Talon.One when you make an order and validated in Alsaree3’s campaign conditions.

  • Talon.One’s effects are triggered and the order subtracts the Additional Cost, ‘Delivery’ from the total order.

Below you can see the geofenced Medical City district Alsaree3 drew directly in the Rule Builder.


Geofences can be used in a number of exciting ways to include or exclude one or multiple locations in the same campaign. 

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